Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Beauty essentials for your gym bag..

Hi beauties! If you’ve ever hit the gym mid-day, you know firsthand that it can be tough to get your skin and hair back to normal in time for that afternoon shift or class. Throw these beauty essentials in your gym bag to make the transformation from fitness babe to effortless goddess a little easier.

-Tresemme DRY shampoo- 5.7 oz

Dry shampoo is something I’ve just started using. The nice thing is that dry shampoo is great for both curly and straight manes. If you’re like me and you sweat your little ass off at the gym, but you also don’t like to wash your hair EVERYDAY—then this little guy is a PERFECT quick fix. I’ve also had many hairdressers tell me that if you have to buy drug store shampoo, Tresemme is the one to go with. Spritz this lovely smelling stuff near your roots after your work out- and voila! fresh, post-gym tresses every time! Cost? About 5 bucks!

-Dove Go Fresh Body Mist-

I LOVE this product for my gym bag. Energizing scents like lemongrass or cucumber with a hint of Dove moisturizer really assist with that post work out..errr..aroma. Try not to use perfume to mask the scent of your hard work, a lot of the time, smelling like you bathed in your perfume can be just as bad as that sweaty scent.

-OXY cleansing pads-

 You’d think once you turn 22, acne breakouts would be a thing of the past. Not so! Personally, I have very oily, combination skin so I love this product. 2% salicylic acid penetrates deep into your pores and instantly begins to unclog them. These are SO key for us fitness freaks! Hint: OXY pads can be a little intense, so if your skin is extremely sensitive, swap Oxy pads for baby wipes!

Above: my soccer team & I (far left) looking like beauties :)

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