Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Tangle "Pleaz"er?

                                                 Tangle Teezer: just a tease?

  Since what seems like the beginning of time, I have been on a crazed mission to find any and all products to help me tackle the bane of my existence- my exquisitely tangled hair. If you have fine, long hair like myself- you just might be able to relate to the physical pain and the “OMG IM GOING F*CKING BALD” panic attack that comes after using most combs and brushes.
 SO- on to the product! The Tangle Teezer’s claim is pretty basic: It will detangle your bowl-of-spaghetti-like mane painlessly by using a firmer pressure. PLUS, the Teezer gives a relaxing head massage for even the most sensitive of scalps. Too good to be true??...

  One word my little beauties- PHENOMENAL. I am not kidding when I say I’m completely obsessed with this product. After my first use- there was absolutely no pain and better yet- no tangles. I literally cannot remember the last time I could run my fingers through my hair. Beyond the lack o’ tangles?: The Tangle Teezer ALSO left my hair where it belongs- on my head! I only lost a few strands and my ends looked dramatically better almost instantly. It’s bliss, ladies. BLISS.  

  Stash it or trash it?: Truthfully, I'm convinced this brush could de-tangle dreadlocks. I am so happy to have found a brush that is great for wet and dry hair. If you’re starting to notice hair loss as you get older (our follicle weakens as we get old, yes all of us) then definitely invest in this invention. Visit their webby at www.tangleteezer.com and change your life for $29.99 Canadian dollars.

Beauty Junkie

PS- the Tangle Teezer is a perfect for unruly extensions! <3

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