Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A "Tummy fix" in a tube!?

I initially heard the words "tummy fix" and thought oh YES please! "Tummy fix" 'Ab' sculpting gel comes to us here in North America from the United Kingdom as recently as last year. The entire line sounded intriguing, a real no-muss no-fuss product line that promises big results with their "Tummy fix" as well as the line's supporting products like "bust fix", "frown fix" and "dry leg fix" - among others. The 'Ab' sculpting gel is sold as a product that will help one to firm the appearance of the abdominal area as well as reduce its girth. Further, the idea is to apply the gel to your, eh-hem, soft spots twice a day.

above: Nip + Fab "Tummy Fix" : Miracle in a tube or marketing scheme?

I am nearing the end of my tube of Nip & Fabs "Tummy Fix", and I have to say- I am on the fence with this one. This summer I had to wear a bikini quite a bit as I went on a few different trips to a few resorts and a *shudder* - waterpark. Anyway, the difference maker in this product is caused by a substance called Armashape. Armashape helps sculpt and promote elasticity. The active substances are synephrine and good old caffeine. Both of these ingrediants, as you may already know help activate the breakdown of lipids in fat cells. Because of these ingrediants, I often noticed a slight slimming and firming effect within several minutes of applying it (usually directly before putting on that dreaded bikini.) Not great, but certainly not bad. (BTW- Marie Claire magazine recently dubbed it as the toning product of the year.)

Stash it or Trash it? This is a tough one for me because I do like the product and I do believe in the Nip & Fab line as a whole and it did help give me a boost of confidence before slipping into that swimsuit or tight number, how ever, I failed to see any major results in the long run. It's slightly pricy at about $20.00 for an 100 ml bottle. It is a decent value and I could potentially see myself purchasing it again come bikini season... (Psst.. ingrediants and what they supposedly help with- Below!)

Tummy Fix contains: 
  • caffeine active -supposed to burn + eliminate fat cells
  • synephrine- smooth + tighten
  • lecithin -soften + hydrate skin

While the "ab sculpter" is fun for a try or a quick fix-- don't expect it to make you look like this in three weeks.

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